Background.  The Air Force C4 Association (AFC4A) was formally chartered on 1 November 1990 as a non-profit organization.  The Association held its first meeting at the Bolling AFB Officers Club on 6 November 1990 and elected the following officers, who also served as the initial Board of Directors.


Maj Gen Robert Edge, USAF (Ret.)                President

Maj Gen John Paul Hyde, USAF (Ret.)           Executive Vice President

Col Glenn G. Giddings, USAF (Ret.)              Vice President, Programs

Col Stephen Hunt, USAF (Ret.)                      Vice President, Membership

Col Gilbert L. Sentimore, USAF (Ret.)            Vice President, Recognition

Mr Cecil C. Harvell                                          Secretary

Col James R. Lauducci, USAF (Ret.)            Treasurer


Major General Albert J. Edmonds, USAF, Assistant Chief of Staff, C4 Systems, HQ USAF, was our first guest speaker.  General Edmonds spoke about the restructuring of the Air Force C4 community.


Objectives and Purpose.  The Association was formed to serve two primary objectives: 1) to preserve and promote the camaraderie and the collegial relationship of all those who formerly served in the functional community of the U.S. Air Force commonly referred to as “command and control, communications and computer (C4)”; and 2) to promote the well-being and the best interests of those currently and actively serving in the Air Force C4 community.  Underlying these two objectives is the fundamental reason to exist:  to enhance the Air Force mission by striving to improve the effectiveness of C4 systems and the personnel that acquire, manage, operate and maintain them.  In May 2002 the Air Force reorganized the traditional C4 communities and included elements of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, modeling and simulation.  Thus the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warfighting Integration (DCS/XI) was created.  Our Association embraced this change and elected to extend membership opportunities to those personnel who have served  in the DCS/XI organization .


Membership.  Persons eligible to join the AFC4A are those who have formerly and honorably served in the functional community of the U. S. Air Force commonly referred to as “C4”.  This includes Department of the Air Force commissioned officers, warrant officers, enlisted members and DAF civilians.  Active duty Air Force military personnel and DAF civilians serving in the C4 disciplines may attend AFC4A meetings and other functions as guests of the Association, but may not join the Association until their individual situation renders them as a former member of the Air Force C4 community.  As of May 2002, these same eligibility criteria were extended to those who serve or have served in the DCS/XI.  For ease of administration all members of AFC4A will be referred to as having served in the “C4 community”.


Organization and Structure.  The Association is managed and guided by its duly-elected Board of Directors (President, Executive Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and functional vice presidents).  From 1990 to 2000 the Association had three functional vice presidents – Programs, Membership and Recognition.  In 2000 the Association established a fourth vice president, that of Career Transition.  In 2001 the Association changed the title from Career Transition to Services.  The President may appoint standing or ad-hoc committees, as needed, to serve the needs of the Association and its members.  AFC4A is loosely organized and minimally administered to reduce process and procedure.   Pomp, ceremony and protocol are not promoted among and between Association members.  The guiding principle to unite the members is mutual respect for honorable service and individual contributions.  Dues, in an amount set by the Board of Directors, are collected annually (current dues are $20).  All funds collected are used to defray costs or to support the awards and recognition program.


Awards and Recognition Programs.


A.      Paschall & Sadler Awards.  In 1993 the AFC4A commissioned an artist to create two 24” X 30” bronze bas-relief sculptures; one of Lieutenant General Lee M. Paschall and the other of Major General Robert E. Sadler.  On 25 May 1993 these sculptures were presented to the Air Force Chief of Staff, General Merrill A. McPeak, by then-President of the Association, Maj Gen John Paul Hyde.  The two sculptures were then placed on permanent display at Keesler Technical Training Center, Keesler AFB, MS.  The Basic and Advanced Communications-Electronics Officer courses (ACOT and BCOT) present certificates to the outstanding graduate in each class, in the names of General Paschall (Advanced) and General Sadler (Basic).  In 2004 the Air Force changed the name of ACOT to Communications Battlespace Management Course (CBMC).  The Sadler Award will be presented to the outstanding CBMC graduate.


B.     Air Force Academy Gift.  On 6 April 1994 the AFC4A presented a conditional gift to the U. S. Air Force Academy to honor the Outstanding Junior Faculty Member of the Year in the Computer Science Department.  The gift consists of a permanent plaque that remains on display at the Academy and an endowment for an annual award to the Junior Faculty Member of the Year, selected by his/her peers.


C.     Speaker Awards.  The Association has set up a program to allow its guest speakers to recognize outstanding members of the active duty Air Force C4 community, or to make a contribution to some specific Air Force charitable organization.  Each speaker is asked to nominate two individuals to receive $100 savings bonds or to designate a charity to receive $100 in the name of the speaker.


D.     Albert J. Edmonds Award.  In recognition of his unique role as the catalyst in forming this Association, on 15 May 1997, AFC4A hosted a dinner to honor Lieutenant General Edmonds on the occasion of his retirement from active duty.  At that function the Association announced the creation of the Albert J. Edmonds Award – an award to recognize outstanding service to the Air Force C4 community.  General Edmonds presented the award to its first recipient, Colonel Glenn G. Giddings, USAF (Ret.).  On 27 September 2000 General Edmonds presented the second award to Colonel James R. Lauducci, USAF (Ret'd).  On 15 April 2004 Generals Edmonds and Fairfield presented the third award to Major General Charles E. Croom, AF/XIC.  The award consists of two plaques: 1) a permanent plaque with the names of each recipient, which is on display in the suite of offices of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warfighting Integration, HQ USAF, and 2) an individual plaque for each recipient.  Individuals so honored, are selected by the AFC4A Board of Directors.


E.     AFC4A Awards Program for Active Duty C4 Personnel.  In 2000, the AFC4A Board of Directors established an annual awards program for active duty members as a show of support for those still serving.  The purpose of this program is to recognize significant contributions made by Communications and Information personnel throughout the Air Force (officers, enlisted, and DAF civilians).  The Deputy Chief of Staff, Warfighting Integration has identified those Air Force organizations that may participate in this program.  The Association's objective is to provide an easy-to-administer awards program that will enable the senior official in selected Air Force C4 organizations to reach out and touch deserving C4 professionals in a meaningful way.  The Senior C4 officials in C4 organizations designated by the DCS/XI select the recipients.  The AFC4A awards savings bonds and a certificate suitable for framing to those selected.  This program is not intended to compete with or compliment the Air Force's Awards and Decorations Program, but rather it is a way for the AFC4A to help and honor those who are still serving.


F.      Ludwig Heritage Hall.  The Lt Gen Harold Grant Building (Building 1700) at Scott AFB is the home of Air Force Communications Agency (AFCA) and much of the staff of Air Mobility Command/SC. The AFCA has created a memorial to Lt Gen Robert H. Ludwig, USAF (Ret.), by designating the atrium of Building 1700 as Ludwig Heritage Hall.  Through donations by its members, the AFC4A has funded and procured a bronze bust of Lt Gen Ludwig and a bronze plaque commemorating his command tours.


AFC4A Charitable Foundation.  On 26 March 1996 the AFC4A chartered a separate charitable foundation to provide financial support to active members of the Air Force C4 community, their spouses and dependents.  The foundation has been incorporated under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Foundation activities are currently on hold.


Meetings.  The Association meets at least quarterly (and sometimes more often) for lunch and to hear a guest speaker selected from the senior leadership in the Air Force C4 community.  Speakers are asked to provide AFC4A members with updates to programs and issues that are important to the AFC4A community.  These meeting are restricted to AFC4A members and active duty personnel serving in the C4 community.  Speaker remarks are not for attribution.


In addition the Association meets annually in conjunction with the Retired General Officer (RETGO) conference hosted by the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warfighting Integration.


Other Activities.  The Association conducts other social and professional activities to further support its objectives and purpose.  These events include golf tournaments, tours of Air Force C4 facilities, recognition dinners, panel discussions and financial support for Air Force C4-related events.  The AFC4 Association and the AACS Association jointly fund the awards presented to the Communications and Information Hall of Fame winners each year.  Additional information about the Association can be found on our website at


Association Presidents.


Name                                                              Term of Office

Robert L. Edge, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret.)           November 1990-December 1991

John Paul Hyde, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret.)          January 1992-June 1993

Jack C. Robbins, Maj Gen, USAF (Ret.)        July 1993-December 1994

James S. Cassity, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret.)         January 1995-June 1998

Avon James, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret.)              July 1998-September 2000

John S. Fairfield, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret.)            September 2000-September 2007

William J. Donahue, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret.)      September 2007-October 2012


Current Association Officers


Position                       Name                                                                          Term of Office

President                     Charly Croom, Lt Gen, USAF (Ret)                            2012-present

Executive VP               Bruce J. Bohn, Brig Gen, USAF (Ret.)                       2007-present

VP, Programs             James R. Lauducci, Col, USAF (Ret.)                        2012-present

VP, Membership         Jack E. Stratford, Col, USAF (Ret.)                            1997-present

VP Recognition           Linda McMahon, Col, USAF (Ret.)                              2012-present

VP, Services               Gerry G. Gleckel, Col, USAF (Ret.)                             2001-present  

VP, Administration      Debbie Snyder, CMS, USAF (Ret.)                             2006-present

Treasurer                    Mike Sinisi, Col, USAF (Ret.)                                       2012-present

Chairman, Standing    Robert Garman, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)                          2005-present

Golf Committee


This Fact Sheet is current as of 8 November 2012.