The Association was formed in 1990 to serve two primary objectives:

  1. To preserve and promote the camaraderie and the collegial relationship of all those who formerly served in the functional community of the United States Air Force commonly referred to as "command and control, communications, and computers (C4)"
  2. To promote the well-being and the best interests of those currently and actively serving in the Air Force C4 community.  Underlying these two objectives is the fundamental reason to exist: to enhance the Air Force mission by striving to improve the effectiveness of C4 systems and the personnel that acquire, manage, operate, and maintain them.


The Association will be known as the "Air Force C4 Association"; or, simply, "AFC4A".


Persons eligible to join the AFC4A are those who have formerly and honorably served in the functional community of the United States Air Force commonly referred to as "C4". This purposely includes only Department of the Air Force (DAF) civilians, USAF enlisted, and USAF Officers to include Warrants.


The Association will be guided by a Board of Directors composed of member-officers of the Association who have been elected by the membership at large.  The officers will consist of a President, an Executive Vice President, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and three Vice Presidents responsible for Programs, Membership, and Recognition. Committees, either standing or ad hoc, may be appointed by the President as needed to serve the interests of the Association.

The Association shall be loosely organized and minimally administered to reduce process and procedure.  Among and between the members of the Association, pomp, ceremony, and protocol will not be promoted.  Instead, mutual respect for honorable service in, and individual contribution to, the C4 community will be the guiding principle to unite the membership.


A simple majority of those members present will rule in all forums, including meetings of the membership at large, committees, and the Board of Directors.  Quorums are not defined nor required; however, at-large meetings called to address concerns and interests of the Association will be announced to the members reasonably in advance consistent with the significance of the matters to be addressed.

Meetings are open to Association members only.  Active duty Air Force military personnel and DAF civilians serving in the C4 disciplines may attend meetings and other AFC4A functions as guests of the Association.

Dues will be collected annually.  The amount will be set by the Board of Directors.  All funds collected by the Association shall be used to defray operating costs or for the express purpose of supporting the awards and recognition program.  No officer or member of the Association shall profit from his or her membership in the AFC4A.

The Association will meet quarterly as needs and interests dictate.  The primary purpose of these meetings is to hear from senior officials in the Air Force on matters of interest to members and/or concerns of the active duty C4 community.  Periodic meetings are also intended to serve as an opportunity to network and exchange information among members, thereby strengthening the bonds created through their former service.

The Association may sponsor social or recreation events for relaxation and entertainment or to raise funds for the recognition program.

The Board of Directors is exclusively empowered to grant, deny, and withdraw membership as deemed necessary consistent with any provision of this Charter.

The Association shall not be exploited by anyone or any organization to further their own self interests, competitive position, or profitability.  Violation of this provision can be used by the Board of Directors to deny membership in the Association.

(See our ABOUT page for more details on our history and our programs)


Upon dissolution of the Association, the Board of Directors will direct the Treasurer first to pay all just financial obligations.  If there are remaining funds in the treasury, the Board will select one or more chartered charitable organizations serving USAF personnel and donate all remaining funds to such organizations.


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