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26-29 APRIL

Registrations both for the 2016 SU/IDF & AFC4A Golf Tournament are open.  The last day for the SU/​IDF registration is .  "Walk-Ins" will not be admitted.  The Golf Tournament deadline is .


26-29 APRIL

Registration for the 2016 SU/IDF is closed.  The last day for registration was .  Contact for the posibility of registering late.  "Walk-Ins" will not be admitted. 

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26-29 APRIL

Registrations for both the 2016 SU/IDF & Golf Tournament are closed.  The last day for SU/​IDF registration was & the golf tournament was .  Late registrations or "Walk-ins" cannot be accepted for either event.


Our goal is to preserve and promote the camaraderie and the collegial relationship of all those who formerly served in the United States Air Force (AF) Command and Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) functional community.  We promote the well-being and the best interests of those currently and actively serving in the AFC4 community.  By doing so we hope to enhance the Air Force mission by striving to improve the effectiveness of C4 systems and the personnel that acquire, manage, operate, and maintain them.


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Maj Gen (Ret) Bob Edge passed away Monday, 30 Nov 2015.  His interment will take place 15 June 2016 at Arlington Cemetery.  The service/​funeral begins at 0900 at the Old Post Chapel on Ft. Myer followed by a caisson procession leading to burial site.

At his passing, General Edge was 90 years young and enjoyed over 70 years of marriage to his beloved Mary.

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Radio Frequency Transmission Systems Heritage provided by Chief Michael Dick (Ret), former radio maintenance supervisor at Det 12 2006 Comm Group, Sahintepe, Turkey.

Air Force following suit with Silicon Valley office: The Air Force announced Friday that it will open an outpost in Silicon Valley as part of the federal government’s effort to improve ties with the tech world.  Air Force CIO Lt. Gen. William Bender said the office will build on the work of an Air Force liaison who has spent a year in Silicon Valley.  “I didn’t see fit to wait on” creating the office, he said Friday, according to FCW.  Read the full article at The Hill.

Air Force evolves its cybersecurity as JIE comes into focus:  Lt. Gen. Bill Bender, the Air Force's chief of information dominance and chief information officer, said the use of role-based authentication should be "baked-into" its IT systems in the future. (Read the full article at Federal News Radio)

Read Maj. John Stock, AMC, article for Air Force News titled “AMC Cyber Airmen lock down big awards and wrap up National Cyber Security Awareness Month.”

Download the paper by Lt Col Stephen Bailey on New Cyber Operation Careerfields.

The Air Force Magazine published a Daily Report 11 Sept 2014 titled “Redefining Information Dominance”.  The following is reprinted with the permission of the Air Force Association.Redefining Information Dominance  Chief Information Officer Lt. Gen. Michael Basla said the service is redefining the idea of information dominance in order to increase competency for the Air Force's core missions and provide cybersecurity for systems. The new working definition for information dominance is "the operational advantage gained from the ability to collect, control, exploit, and defend information to optimize decision-making and maximizing war fighting effectiveness," he told an audience of industry and military officials last week. Applied to air and space superiority, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, global mobility, global strike, and command and control, the new working definition should allow the Air Force to not only deliver increased capabilities, but share information in a safe, secure manner. The new alignment is designed to help streamline costs and allow for increased innovation in the Air Force. Basla said the service recognizes "it cannot deliver the kinds of capabilities with the cybersecurity required by themselves anymore," he said. Basla said there is a "tremendous need to share information for asymmetrical advantages," but acknowledged USAF doesn't "have the dollars that they had in the past to independently deploy their individual functional systems."

The Air Force Magazine published a Daily Report 3 April 2014 titled “NETWORK MIGRATION”.  The following is reprinted with the permission of the Air Force Association.NETWORK MIGRATION:  The Air Force Network Integration Center at Scott AFB, Ill., completed the transfer of all Air Force user accounts and workstations to a single set of shared infrastructure.   “This is truly a significant milestone for Air Force cyberspace,” said Air Force Space Command boss Gen. William Shelton, in an April 1 base base release.  “Completing this portion of the migration not only paves the way to the JIE [joint information environment] for us, it is also critically important to our future enterprise and to the defense of Air Force networks on a global scale.  “Air Force organizations have been operating under “their own independent networks, consequently driving unique and unit specific requirements,“ said Markus Rogers, director of network architectures and lead of the AFNET transition.  AFN now holds 646,000 email boxes and 12,318 servers at 275 Air Force-related sites, creating a “centrally-managed standardized structure under the operational control of the 24th Air Force commander,” states the release.  The project took five years to complete.

Robert Jack won a Distinguished Civilian Service Award while serving as the A6 for AF Global Strike Command.  Prior to that he served in Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) and Secretary of the Air Fforce A6/ Chief Information Officer (CIO).  He's now on the staff of the USMC/ G6/ CIO. Scott is well known to many of our members. (Article)

San Angelo Standard-Times published an article 8 February 2013 titled “DUDRA BUTLER: Gen. Ronnie Hawkins has made us proud.”  It is about Lt Gen Ronnie D. Hawkins, Jr’s November 2012 visit to the Angelo State University Alumni Association ‘to speak to the ROTC cadets as an ROTC alumnus.’ (Article)


Air Force Chief Information Officer Announces 2015 Information Dominance and John P. Jumper Award Winners

AFC4A's Recognition Program is a way of continuing to “serve those who are still serving” by providing tangible recognition to the top performers of the Air Force Cyber/ Information Dominance community.  The  AFC4A is proud to announce the distribution of over $9,000 in gift cards and checks to the individual and unit winners.

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