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Air Force Academy Gift

On 6 April 1994 the AFC4A presented a conditional gift to the U. S. Air Force Academy to honor the Outstanding Junior Faculty Member of the Year in the Computer Science Department.  The gift consists of a permanent plaque that remains on display at the Academy and an endowment for an annual award to the Junior Faculty Member of the Year, selected by his/her peers.


Albert J. Edmonds Award

In recognition of his unique role as the catalyst in forming this Association, on 15 May 1997, AFC4A hosted a dinner to honor Lieutenant General Edmonds on the occasion of his retirement from active duty.  At that function the Association announced the creation of the Albert J. Edmonds Award – an award to recognize outstanding service to the Air Force C4 community.  General Edmonds presented the award to its first recipient, Colonel Glenn G. Giddings, USAF (Ret.).  On 27 September 2000 General Edmonds presented the second award to Colonel James R. Lauducci, USAF (Ret'd).  On 15 April 2004 Generals Edmonds and Fairfield presented the third award to Major General Charles E. Croom, AF/XIC.  The award consists of two plaques: 1) a permanent plaque with the names of each recipient, which is on display in the suite of offices of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warfighting Integration, HQ USAF, and 2) an individual plaque for each recipient.  Individuals so honored, are selected by the AFC4A Board of Directors.


Ludwig Heritage Hall

The Lt Gen Harold Grant Building (Building 1700) at Scott AFB is the home of Air Force Cyberspace Capabilities Center (AFCCC) and much of the staff of Air Mobility Command/SC.  The AFCCC has created a memorial to Lt Gen Robert H. Ludwig, USAF (Ret.), by designating the atrium of Building 1700 as Ludwig Heritage Hall.  Through donations by its members, the AFCCC has funded and procured a bronze bust of Lt Gen Ludwig and a bronze plaque commemorating his command tours.

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